Korea and Malaysia's Preferred Choice of Shoe: Be the First to Own the Victor SH-P9200

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If you watched the Thomas Cup or other world class competition lately, you may have seen many national players wearing the Victor SHP9200 and SHP9200M badminton shoes. So, are these shoes really that good?

Favourite among Korean and Malaysian National Team

The SH-P9200 is currently the preferred choice of badminton shoes for many players in the Korean and Malaysian squad.

Low Cut and Middle Cut

There are 2 versions for the Victor SH-P9200. One has a normal cutting (low cut) and the other is a special middle cutting. The version that has the middle cutting has the alphabet M at the end (SH-P9200M).

There are a total of 5 colors:

Normal Low Cut (SH-P9200)

Wine Red (SH-P9200 DG)

White/Red (SH-P9200 DC)

Yellow/Blue (SH-P9200 EF)

Special Middle Cut (SH-P9200M)

White/Blue (SH-P9200M AF)

Fluorescent Green (SH-P9200M GF)

They look absolutely stunning on court. OK so what about performance?

Enhanced Lateral support

The SH-P9200 carries the latest and best badminton shoe technology from Victor. It has a new midsole structure (Neo Duplex) that increases the shoe’s lateral support. 

This prevents you from rolling over your ankle and gives you all the support you need for your lateral movements (sideway movements).

Powerful Shock Absorber and Performance Enhancing Insole

It also carries the trademarked ENERGYMAX 3.0 insole. This is the core technology that makes Victor badminton shoes extraordinary in the market. Obviously it has top end shock absorption ability, which reduces the impact caused to your shin bones and knee. Apart from this, it also help enhances your performance. 

Here’s the interesting part! The insole is also a highly elastic material that has rebound ability. During badminton footwork, you are often required to move back to your base position (often the middle of the court) after hitting a shot.

For example, immediately after lunging forward to the net to hit an underarm clear, you’ll need to return to the center of the court. The rebound ability of the Victor ENERGYMAX insole first absorbs the shock and then releases it so you do not need to put in so much effort in returning to your base position.

If you are a performance badminton player, this technology is made exclusively for you! You’ll definitely feel the difference.

Extra Stability

In order to move fast on the court, you’ll need to have good stability. First, you’ll need a strong base to have good stability. In most high end Victor shoes such as the SH-P9200, you’ll find a carbon graphite sheet at the base of the shoe.

Carbon graphite is an extremely strong and light material. This material at the bottom of your shoes gives you a very strong base, allowing you to maintain maximum stability on the court.

Did you know?

Lastly, I find this a very interesting feature in the Victor SH-P9200 shoes. For the very first time, the outsole of the shoe has the same color as the shoe!

Normally, the shoe outsole is either light brown or beige color. But for the SH-P9200 range, we have colourful outsoles!

Recently launched and available, the SH-P9200 is currently our bestselling badminton shoes. Be one the first to own it now! Which color would you choose?

Victor SH-P9200 (Normal Low Cut)

Victor SH-P9200 M (Middle Cut)

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