Lightest Ever Victor Racquet, Hypernano X AIR now launched

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Middle 2016, Victor has launched their first ever lightest badminton racquet; Hypernano X AIR.

The 6U version of the Hypernano X Air is approximately as light as 73 grams (the normal weight of a racquet today is 3U: 88 grams).   

The HX Air Specifications

VICTOR has given the Hypernano X Air a Stiff Shaft and a Head Balance specs.

This is excellent for an all-round player looking for quick racquet handling on the court. If you smash a lot and play mostly at the back court, the 5U (78 grams) may suit you better. Otherwise, the 6U (73 grams) is excellent in winning points at the front and mid court area.

Reminiscent of the Yonex’s Arcsaber FB

Similarly in 2013, Yonex launched the Arcsaber FB (First Gen) which was also 73 grams. That racquet enjoyed much success as many players liked the idea of a superlight badminton racquet.

The biggest downside was this; The Arcsaber FB (First Gen) recommended a max tension of 24 and they were serious about it!

As Yonex certified stringers at Badminton Click, we highly recommend our customers to string their Arcsaber FB at most at 26lbs (for those of you who wish to exceed the recommended tension). Anything above 26lbs is considered risky for the Arcsaber FB.

On a side note, Yonex re-launched the Arcsaber FB (Second Gen) in a new color and they have made some slight improvements on the durability of the racquet (see picture above). The racquet shaft of the New Arcsaber FB is also noticeably stiffer than its first generation.

Click here to view the Yonex Arcsaber FB (New Color).

Can the Hypernano X Air take high tensions?

The HX Air is available in 5U (78 grams) and 6U (73 grams). The max recommended tensions are as follows:

5U (78 grams): 26lbs
6U (73 grams): 25lbs

Putting this aside, the HX Air uses a brand new material in its shaft; TORAYCA PREPREG. The end result is a lighter and stronger racket. So yes we are more confident that the HX Air is capable of taking slightly higher tensions.

Some of the Hypernano X Air:

Why Players Prefer Lightweight Racquets

Many beginners and casual players tend to look for lightweight badminton racquets. Simply because lightweight racquets are excellent for control. Lightweight racquets are also helpful for beginners because it helps you pick up the game even faster.

Don’t get me wrong that the HX Air is only suitable for beginners or casual players. We have also seen professional players using lightweight racquets in professional games.

Note that lightweight racquets will not give you a very powerful smash as compared to heavier racquets. Their benefits are lightning fast racquet movements and ease in performing various badminton shots.

Price and Availability

The HX Air is now available in 5U (78 grams) and 6U (73 grams) at Badminton Click. 

It is priced as a second tier high end racquet; meaning that it is slightly cheaper compared to other superstar Victor racquets (such as the Hypernano X Ltd Power and Hypernano X Ltd Control).

To purchase online, simply click on:

Victor Hypernano X AIR (5U: 78 grams)

Victor Hypernano X AIR (6U: 73 grams)

Be the first to make the air your best ally on court! 

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