Stronger than Ever – New YONEX Voltric Durable Grade (DG) Series takes up to 35lbs of Tension

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Who says Yonex don’t dare guarantee their racquets above 30lbs of tension? This wise move from Yonex definitely caught the attention of many younger players seeking for higher string tension these days.

Some badminton racquet manufacturers like APACS and PANDA are a big fan of guaranteeing a high string tension on their racquets (often 35 lbs). In my opinion, you won’t need to string your racquet that high of a tension. Even world class players like Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan don’t go as high as 35lbs!

The high tension guarantee is simply a confidence given to you by racquet manufacturers, trying to tell you that their racquets are strong and durable.


Introducing the Voltric 7 DG and Voltric 10 DG

Yonex Voltric 7 DG Yonex Voltric 10 DG

Both the 7DG and 10DG racquets only come in 3U (88 grams).

As the Voltric 7DG and Voltric 10 DG uses durable grade carbon that is very strong and elastic, they have an Extra Stiff racquet shaft. This means that you’ll need to be a Hard Hitter to unleash the power in these racquets.

Being part of the Voltric family, the VT7DG and VT10DG has a Head Heavy balance point. Surprisingly, Yonex decided to give them a balance point of 310mm. This is as Head Heavy as the Voltric Z Force 2 (for some of you who are familiar).

Overall, the specs of these racquets are quite physically demanding. So you need to make sure you are a fan, or at least comfortable with using Head Heavy racquets.

Price Range

The Voltric 7DG and 10 DG are middle range Yonex racquets. They are developed by Yonex Japan but manufactured with strict quality control in Taiwan.

These racquets are suitable for players with a budget. Simply click in to check out our competitive prices for the Voltric 7DG and Voltric 10DG.

Voltric 7 DG

The VT 7DG is priced slightly lower than its bigger brother. If you string your racquets at around 24lbs or less, the Voltric 7DG is a good choice. The frame design and structure is sufficient for lower tension hitters.

It uses the 72 holes system. This means that the racquet sweet spot is smaller but power is more concentrated. At relatively lower tensions, sweet spots are naturally larger so it’s basically fine.

Voltric 10 DG

The added features on the VT10 DG are:

  • Thinner shaft and frame for better aerodynamics
  • 76 holes system that increases the sweet spot of the racquet
  • Special grommet strips at 4, 6, 10, and 2 o clock positions of the frame. This is to reduce the vibration caused by impact upon hitting the shuttles.

The VT10 DG is priced slightly higher than the VT7 DG.


Special Pre-Order Offer from Badminton Click

The Voltric 7DG and Voltric 10DG is expected to hit our shelves early middle June. Badminton Click is taking pre-orders now!

During this pre-order period, you’ll get any FREE YONEX STRINGS and FREE STRINGING SERVICE.

Your pre-orders will be given first priority in processing as soon as we have them available.

So which would be your choice of racquet? 

Yonex Voltric 7 DG Yonex Voltric 10 DG

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