Uplift Your Game with the Latest Li-Ning Air Stream N99 and 3D Break-Free N80 II

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The flagship N-series, N99 and N80 II were officially launched in early 2016 and are currently being used by players from the Chinese National Team. N99 is currently being used by Zhang Nan (current world No.1 mixed doubles player). The N80 II is currently seen in the hands of Xu Chen (current world No.4 mixed doubles player).

Men’s singles No.1 Chen Long is considering switching to the N99 as his main racket, so we may see him using it in his upcoming games!

Why are these racquets so good?

Both the N99 and N80 II have similar specs. Close to Head Heavy Balance (balance point of 298mm) and Medium Stiff Shafts. These are especially good for players looking to play an offensive style badminton game.

The N99 and N80 II carry the latest and high-end Li-Ning technologies, the Air Stream and 3D Break-Free respectively. Both racquets are designed to power up your games depending on which area you wish to dominate in.


Li-Ning Air Stream N99

Li-Ning Air Stream N99

The N99 has a box framed shape. Basically a box frame allows your racquet to be more stable and shots are more solid upon impact. Because of the increased stability, you’ll also have better chances to hit more accurate shots. Besides, you will be hitting deadly smashes to your opponent’s court!

Li-Ning’s Air Stream Technology is very innovative. Basically there are 4 holes at the bottom of the racquet head to increase air flow and reduce air drag, allowing you to have a faster swing action.

All in all, the N99 is designed for players who favour power play instead of speed. The racquet can potentially help you produce crisp and solid shots and would definitely help you out when you’re playing from the back of the court.

The Li-Ning N99 is for you if you are a:

  • Back court player
  • Singles or Doubles player
  • Hard hitter
  • Player who wants to produce crisp, solid and accurate smashes


Li-Ning 3D Break-Free N80 II

Li-Ning 3D Break-Free N80 II

The N80 II is more focused towards speed. It has a very aerodynamic frame, allowing you to produce fast racquet swings. You’ll also hear a whippy sound as you swing the N80 II due to its aerodynamics.

The 3D Break-Free Technology is simply the trademarked aerodynamic frame shape of the racquet head. It has one of the most aerodynamic structures in the badminton racket industry.

The N80 II is designed for you to engage in fast paced rallies involving fast and furious drives. This is a good All Around racquet for you to dominate the rallies especially at the mid court.

The Li-Ning N80 II is for you if:

  • you are an all-round player who dominates the game via the mid and front court
  • you play doubles
  • your games consist of many fast paced rallies
  • you want to produce deadly drives and force your opponents off the net area

Start winning now with the latest world class racquets!


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